Experienced team in corporate and group insurance

Our team

Danielle Melançon

35 years of experience in group insurance.

Josée Thibault

Specialist in group annuities.

Philippe Brissette

25 years of experience in group insurance.

Félix Brisset

Group insurance advisor and holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University.

Debbie Hawley

Has more than 20 years of experience in large companies; Insurance, Telecom and Transport. Perfectly bilingual and at your service.

Leïna Djaïd

Multitasking and bilingual customer service representative.

Who We Are?

Groupe Brissette has specialized in group and corporate insurance brokerage for manufacturers, wholesalers and service firms. Among its customer base, Groupe Brissette supports more than sixty IT firms, making it our biggest field of specialization.

The services we offer are varied.

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