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About Us

Since 1994, Groupe Brissette is a group insurance broker in Quebec and Eastern Canada for manufacturers, wholesalers and service firms. Among its customer base, Groupe Brissette supports more than fifty IT firms, making it our biggest field of specialization.

From day one, Groupe Brissette has based its business on three principles: :

  1. First rate technical expertise
  2. Service that is second to none
  3. Integrity towards its clients and suppliers

We take the time to know you, to understand your reality and suggest the solution which corresponds to your needs. Many of our clients have had a relationship with us for more than a decade.

Take the time to visit our website and understand our unique approach in fringe benefits management.

Group insurance broker

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

Philippe Brissette,
B.B.A Président
Group Insurance Advisor

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